Greenworks PRO 16-Inch 80V Cordless String Trimmer Review

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This trimmer features the green and black color mix familiar with all green works products. It has its brushless motor mounted close to the handle with a fixed shaft made with aluminum. The handle can be adjusted so it can be set at whichever angle the user wants.


The 16-inch cut path and a .080″ dual line feed help you trim with this weed whacker, and you get excellent results. It has variable speed settings so you can control the speed power of the trimmer and adjust it to fit the task at hand. It can be set at either high or low speed; top speed is ideal for cumbersome functions while the light ones can be dealt with on a low rate.


One downside of this cordless string trimmer is that it cannot be used as an edger, there is no feature for that. If you need a weed whacker that doubles as a trimmer and edger, this one will not work, but it is fine for trimming grass and whacking the weeds.


The Greenworks PRO 16-Inch 80V Cordless String Trimmer is a battery-powered device and uses a 2AH or 4AH 80 volts battery to power its brushless motor. However, neither battery nor charger is included when you purchase the trimmer; you need to keep some extra bucks to get them unless you already have compatible ones.

Batteries compatible with this trimmer include the 2AH GBA80200 model and the 4AH GBA80400 model. The GCH8040 charger model is the one that works with this trimmer, and it is a fast charger. Greenworks are producing both battery and charger.

It takes about an hour to get the 4AH battery fully charged while the 2AH battery takes just 30 minutes. You get a runtime of about 45 minutes to over an hour, which is enough to handle tough jobs. The speed setting of the trimmer does affect the amount of power that is being consumed; you get more run time on the low speed than the high speed.


This product weighs over 10 pounds when measured, which is a bit higher than average when compared to other weed whackers. However, it won’t give you too much of trouble as you can still maneuver it conveniently.


  • Variable speed setting
  • Wide cutting path
  • High run time
  • Fast charge
  • Adjustable handle


  • No battery nor charger is included
  • Cannot be used as an edger
  • Bit weighty
  • High cost


Greenworks produces so many weed whackers, while this may not be their best, it still will make a great buy. It is fantastic for trimming, and if that is what you want, you should get this, it is a pro tool that gives you pro results.