Path of Exile Beginner’s Guide

Path of Exile is an ARPG that you can play 100% for free. There are no pay-to-win elements and it can be compared to Diablo 2 in many ways. This guide will help you to get familiar with the vastness of PoE if you’re new to it.

Buy a Loot Filter

A loot filter is necessary before you can start playing. You need a loot filter because there are so many items you can drop when you kill things. This will hide the trash items you shouldn’t bother with, and highlight rarer and more useful items. I recommend starting with NeverSink’s loot filter. Simply copy the files to your Documents – My Games – Path of Exile folder and then click on the UI tab. For now, I recommend that you start with the Soft or Regular filter and then move up to the Semi-strict filter as your skills improve.

Classes and Attributes

Next, we’ll discuss the attributes and starting classes. These three attributes are Intelligence, Dexterity, and Strength.

Strength increases your maximum damage and health.

You can evade all incoming attacks by increasing your Dexterity and Accuracy.

Intelligence increases your mana and energy shield. Energy shield is a secondary pool that provides health for less-tanky characters.

Path of Exile has six classes that you can choose from, with one remaining unlocked after your first playthrough. Each class starts at another level of the skill tree. Three of these classes are specialists in a specific attribute, while the remaining three are hybrid classes. Scion, the seventh character, is the most universal. It can specialize in any one of the three attributes. Each class has three archetypes, but these can only be unlocked after Act 3.

Skill Tree

The Skill Tree can seem overwhelming for new players. You don’t have to memorize all of it. Your character gets only 120 points by max level.

Your starting point in the skill tree will depend on which class you choose. Path of Exile’s beauty is that you can travel to any passive node as you wish. For example, if you are looking for a melee character, it is more efficient to start as either a Duelist or a Witch, since his starting point for axes, swords, and other items is closer to him. You can’t make any spec changes to the tree. A few refund points will be available to help you spec out points as you level up. You can also use an Orb of Regret currency item that can be dropped by monsters. Before you start planning your path, I recommend looking at the skill tree.

These empty sockets are called jewel sockets and can be seen as you move around the skill tree. The alternative to static passive nodes in the tree are jewels. These jewels can be found as quest rewards or dropped by monsters. After you have obtained a jewel, allocate the point to the tree and you can place the jewel in the slot.

Active Skills

Now that we have covered passive skills, let’s move on to active skills. Path of Exiles skills can’t be learned by leveling up. Instead, they are linked to gems that are inserted into your gear. Apart from accessories, you will find colored sockets in your gear that can hold the gems of each color. After you have socketed a gem, you will be able to bind it to your Hotbar.

Skill gems are equipped with XP and can be leveled up as characters up to level 20. Their level determines their effectiveness.

Cooldowns are not available for all abilities. They rely on your mana to cast. Skill gems have attribute and level requirements. These requirements should be taken into consideration when leveling up your gems.

People make the common mistake of thinking they have a lot of skills, and then filling up their hotbar too early. This is something you won’t want to do. The majority of characters focus on three skills. One target skill to kill bosses and an AoE skill to clear mobs. A movement skill helps you get out of danger faster and clear more areas. Other sockets in your gear can be used to support gems. Hotbar slots are often used for curses and auras.

Curses & Auras

Auras are permanent buffs that can reduce your maximum mana pool, but they will stay active indefinitely. These can be stable in most builds, and can double or even triple your damage output. These are important to remember.

Curses can be used to temporarily debuff enemies. Curses are temporary debuffs that can be cast on enemies and last only a few seconds. You can make them an aura using another skill gem, or link them to other skills to inflict the curse by other means.

Linking Support Gems

You can modify and buff skills by linking sockets to your gear and socketing help gems. Each of the sockets linked will have an effect on each gem. If I specialize in Cyclone, for example, I can link support gemstones to other sockets in order to modify my Cyclone ability. This allows me to link melee damage, which will buff its physical damage. I also add fire damage to increase the fire damage.


One-handed weapons can have up to three sockets. Boots, gloves, and helmets can each have 4 sockets. Two-handed weapons such as bows or staves, and body armor can have up to six sockets. It can be difficult to get maximum sockets and link your gear together. Don’t expect a six-linked item to drop from any monster. You’ll need to link them with your computer. PoE Currency. However, linked sockets are what will really increase your skill’s effectiveness. These would be an important priority as you move up the ranks.

Item rarity

Exile items here are four levels of rarity for items such as armor or weapons. Common (aka. Common (aka. Common items do not provide any modifiers or buffs to your skills beyond the standard stats and base properties. Blue items can have two mods to their gear. Magic items are also blue. Rare items may have as many as six mods. You may not find these unique items on other gear.

The unique items have a static name and are visually distinct from the rest. The Kaom’s Heart chest piece, for example, does not have a socket but gives us a tremendous life boost that we won’t find on any other gear. While unique items are sometimes a great addition to your build, they don’t always work well in a slot. Keep this in mind while you build.

You might think of mods for gear as affixes or prefixes. These are not important. This is how modifiers are balanced. It can be difficult to learn about them. It is best to not learn about affixes until your understanding of how stats work in this particular game is complete.


You’ll discover Crafting recipes as you progress in level. You can use the layout and tileset you find in a hidden area to craft and customize your own base. You can find a crafting recipe out there and use it in your hideout to make the items you want.

Only certain types can be modified. You can’t have more than one mod on an item, and you can’t craft the mod on it if there isn’t enough space. A rare item can not have seven mods. If this is true, the crafting bench will inform you.


Path of Exile flasks is what your character uses to maintain their health and mana. They can also provide additional buffs like movement speed or critical hit chance. You will find better and larger flasks as you play the game. Keep your character up-to-date by constantly changing out the smaller flasks.

Flasks cannot be upgraded to magic quality and can only hold two mods, with the exception of unique flasks. Flasks cannot be recharged over time. They will instead refill when you kill monsters.


You may come across Trials of Ascendancy traps in certain areas of the game. These traps are found throughout the story. Once you have completed all prerequisites, they will allow you to access The Lord’s Labyrinth. After completing the Labyrinth you will be able to choose an Ascendancy, which is a specialization that you can use to enhance your character class.

There are three classes to choose from. Each class offers very specific buffs that can be added to your character. These are the ones you will build your character around. Make sure you choose the one that best suits your build. An Elementalist might be the best choice for a Witch that wants to continue casting elemental spells such as Storm Call. The Saboteur is also a good choice for Shadows who want to place Fire Traps, Glacial mines, or other such things. You will be able to complete more Labyrinths as you go through the acts.

You will get two points for every tier of the Labyrinth that you complete, which you can use towards your Ascendancy to a maximum of 8 points

Vendor Recipes

You will meet Vendors, NPCs as you travel along. Most of the items dropped from monsters have garbage stats or are not related to your character. These items can be sold to Vendors to get currency shards.

You can get different currencies back depending on what you sell or how you use vendor recipes. You may find many recipes useful, but I will only cover the most important.

If you sell any item that has at least three linked sockets in red, green, and blue, you’ll receive a Chromaticorb. You will be rewarded with seven jeweler’s orbs if you sell any item that has at least 6 sockets.

The loot filter will highlight items that are essential for vendor recipes. For a complete list, please refer to the PoE Wiki.

Economics & Currency

Path of Exile’s economy is one of its most important systems. It is what makes PoE different from other RPGs. Its currency doesn’t include gold or silver. Instead, it uses a barter system that revolves around currency dropped by monsters.

Scrolls of Wisdom, the most commonly used currency item, are used to identify mods on magic, rare and unique items dropped from monsters. To use any item of a specific rarity, you must use the Scroll of Wisdom.

Portal Scrolls are used to open a portal to the nearest town. This is a faster way to find a waypoint than opening a portal.

Orbs for Transmutation transform a white item into an item of magic with up to two mods. These are extremely common and you won’t want to use white items due to their availability.

You can add an additional modifier to a magic item with only one mod.

Orbs of Alteration can randomly alter the magic of magical items.

Blacksmith’s Whetstone and Armourer’s Scrap as well as Gemcutter’s Pirism will boost the quality of weapons and armor, flasks, and skill gems. Quality does not do anything but increase the item’s basic modifier by a few percent to around 20%. This is a good way to min-max your build, even though it isn’t a big deal.

Jeweler’s Orbs will randomly re-roll the number of sockets on an item. Re-rolling doesn’t mean upgrading. Each time you use the item, the number of sockets that it has will be randomly chosen. If I use a Jeweler’s Orb to transform a five-socket object into one socket item, for example, The exact odds of getting a certain number of sockets are unknown. However, in the case of weapons, this is what we know:

Orbs of Fusing randomizes the socket links and keeps the color and number of sockets the same.

Chromatic Orbs randomly assign the color of your sockets to your gear. The item you are using determines the color change. If the item has intelligence requirements and an energy shield, the chances of it rolling blue sockets are higher than those for green and red. This is true for armor and red sockets as well as an evasion for the green sockets.

Orbs of Chance transform white items into rarer rarities at random, from magic to unique.

You can use Orbs of Scouring on magic or rare items to make them back white with no mods.

To re-speck one of your points in your skill tree, you can consume Orbs of Remorse. These are great if you are looking to completely re-specify your character. However, they are very rare.

Orbs of Alchemy transform a white item into something rare with up to 6 mods. These are rarer than Orbs of Transmutation. These can only be used with white items and no magic items.

Regal Orbs allow you to transform a magic item into something rare and add another random modifier.

Chaos orbThis is the most common endgame currency that can be used to trade with other players. The Chaos orbs can re-roll modifiers for rare items completely, similar to the Orb of Alteration. They are not recommended. I suggest you keep them for yourself and trade them with other players to get the gear that you might need.

Blessed Orbs can be pretty useless. They simply adjust the item’s base property. The Sapphire ring, for example, will have a Cold Resistance base property. Blessed orbs simply re-roll that value and leave the other modifiers unaffected. It’s useful for min-maxing builds but completely ineffective.

Vaal Orbs can corrupt an item. Corrupting an item can add crazy modifiers to it or completely alter its appearance. The outcome of this is unpredictable and the item can’t ever be modified again. These items can be dangerous so be careful.

Divine OrbsExalted OrbMirror of Kalandra, etc. These are extremely rare and I do not recommend them. Keep them in your inventory until you know what to do. Or, sell them to someone else.

Poe. ninja, my favorite resource, is my favorite to track the economy. It will also tell you the exchange value of your currency.

Tips and Tricks

Let me end with some tips to help you excel long-term.

New players are often hit by walls and get killed by nearly everything during the leveling process. Your life pool may be too low. B: You haven’t captured the elemental resistances. C: Both.

You can see your resistances in your character window. You must always be at 75% to avoid being completely destroyed by any elemental damage. This modifier is the most important to have on your gear. Although it’s not as important, it’s cool to have it if you can.

Your resistances will be penalized as you play the game. It will take 75% more of each gear to reach the effective resistance limit. You will be subject to a 60% penalty if you defeat Act 10. At that point, your 75% gear resistance effectively becomes 15%. This information will be displayed in the character window. You will need to increase your resistance by at least 135%.

Maximum life on your gear is the most important value once your resistances have been capped. I recommend that you grab any increase in maximum life on your tree, as this is how to really replenish your life pool.

Use vendor recipes

These should be used. These are the best way to ensure you have enough of Chromatic Orbs and Jeweler’s Orbs as well as Orbs for Alchemy, Chaos Orbs, Orbs for Jeweler’s Alchemy, Orbs for Alchemy, or other items.

Kill faster

If you are very poor, you will need to kill more quickly. This is the essence of the game. Clear Speed is crucial to maximize your bank. You have a better chance of getting better items if you kill more people.

It will be more productive to farm in areas that have open layouts than others. This is a good rule to remember when saving money for something you want.

You may feel that your damage is not high enough or that you aren’t killing as fast as you should, so you might consider following a guide written by a more experienced player. Engineering Eternity and TarkeCat were the players who taught me most of what I know about this game. Honorable mentions go to Mathilification, ZiggyDTV, and TarkeCat. However, their tutorials and videos are more in-depth, so you should check them out once your understanding of the game has improved. You will find a lot of detailed guides that explain how to outfit a character, from start to finish.

You can also find many helpful build guides on the PoE forum for every skill. A Cyclone Duelist is my favorite build for learning the mechanics of this game. This teaches you how to balance high levels of raw damage with survival while keeping your budget low. You may want something you find enjoyable.


You might need automatic trading to buy certain items for some build guides that you find. It is easiest to use a trading platform such aspoe.tradeYou can also buy the item from other players. It is very easy to use when searching for unique items. Simply search for the item name and price. Then click the whisper button to save a request to your clipboard. You will be invited to their party where you will find their hideout. Then you can make the trade there. Although trading can be complicated if you are looking for specific mods or numerical values, this should be sufficient to get you started. MmoGah can also be trusted. Purchase PoE items.

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