4 Old Fashioned Glasses That Will Look Great At Your Home Bar

It’s hard to beat a good old-fashioned glass for relaxing with. The finest old-fashioned glasses are at least 9 ounces in weight, have a classic design and a weighted bottom.

Ira Koplowitz is a former bartender who co-owns Bittercube Bitters. I met him to learn more about the making of a good old-fashioned glass. He is a great lover of the classic cocktail and has many insights on how to serve it. He doesn’t like oversized glasses in an old-fashioned, and suggests choosing glasses that hold 9 to 11 ounces of liquid. However, you can make it double by adding an extra pick on the list.

Koplowitz suggests that a glass of this size can serve a cocktail such as a Sazerac without ice but can also be used for a classy old-fashioned. The type of ice used will also affect the glass size. A smaller glass is ideal for large tray ice cubes and small spheres. A larger glass might be better for larger ice spheres.

Sets of old-fashioned glasses and whiskey tumblers usually come in sets of 2, 4, or 6. Depending on how many guests your party hosts, the number you need will determine the size you need. You can choose from glass or lead-free (BlackTail best old fashioned glasses) and look for a option that has a weighted base.

Koplowitz says that he prefers a glass with a good weight to it. “It makes the glass feel more comfortable in my hand when I am drinking a cocktail or a neat pour.” A weighted glass makes it feel fuller even the last sips.

You can choose between an etched or straight-sided glass. But you need to pick the one that suits your personality. Koplowitz says it this way:

The original cocktail is the old-fashioned. It’s a simple drink with just four ingredients: spirit, sugar and water. This combination of elegance and simplicity should guide your search for the perfect vintage glass.

These are the top old-fashioned glasses that you can purchase on Amazon if you want to master cocktail making.

1. The Best Etched Glasses

Capacity: 9.92 ounces

This boxed set etched whiskey glasses includes four glasses made of lead-free crystal. Each glass holds approximately 10 ounces of liquid. This makes them ideal for old-fashioneds. They can be washed in a dishwasher and are resistant to breaking so there’s no need to worry about washing them by hand. These glasses are well-reviewed by Amazon users. They have an excellent grip and a solid base.

One fan raved about: “I love the look of these glasses, especially when they have an OldFashioned and even a Margarita inside them. This glass is ideal for drinking “on the rocks”. With a large ice cube, the standard “rocks” drink fills the glass almost to the top.

2. Straight-Sided Glasses: The Best

Capacity: 11 ounces
Material: Glass

You won’t find a better set of old-fashioned, classic glasses than this one. These 11-ounce glasses are available in six sets, making them great for hosting a cocktail hour at home. The glasses have a sturdy base and a straight-sided design to make your mixology skills stand out. These glasses are dishwasher-safe, and they have received a perfect 5-star rating from thousands upon thousands of Amazon customers. Many also praise the quality.

One fan raved about: “These glasses are perfect to serve classic cocktails such as Negroni or OldFashioned and were purchased to complement our home bar.” The classic, simple design is our favorite with the weighted base.

3. The Best Modern Glasses

Capacity: 10 oz
Material: Crystalline

This set of four 10 ounce crystalline glasses is a new take on the straight side whiskey glass. It features a three-dimensional inset design, reminiscent of a mountain range. They are over one pound in weight, which makes them a pleasure to drink from. They can be washed in a dishwasher and are resistant to breaking. These glasses are also dishwasher-safe and resistant to breaking, according to the brand.

One customer raved about the glasses: “These old-fashioned glasses are perfect!” They are elegant and sturdy, but they are very different. This would make a great gift!”

4. The Best for a Double Old-Fashioned

Capacity: 14 ounces
Material: Glass

These double-old-fashioned glasses can be used for stronger drinks or when you need to use oversized ice cubes. The print on these two 14-ounce glasses is based upon the stained glass windows at the Darwin D. Martin House in Buffalo. Each one is made of lead-free glass and weighs in at just under 1 pound. These glasses, unlike the others on this list must be washed manually. These glasses are licensed by Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and make great gifts for art lovers.

One fan raved about the glasses: “These glasses were a present for my brothers-in-law. The glasses match perfectly with their Craftsman-style home. They loved the glasses and they match perfectly with their leaded glass. The new cabinet will be displayed.

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