Find Out More About The Warpath Game Tips and Tricks

Warpath is a mobile game that’s currently available on Android OS. For tips and a Warpath game guide, see the following: Officers, units, bases, and battles.

This post will teach you “how to play Warpath”, how to get stronger and progress in the game, as well as tips about commanders and base management. It also covers other key aspects like battles, officers, and units. Let’s move on to the Warpath Game Guide, Cheats, and Strategies:

Warpath Game Guide to Increasing Power

You play the role of a commander at the base in How to play Warpath in landscape mode. After you have completed the tutorial, all functions that are based on your current level will be available to you. The current power is displayed in the upper left corner. It is calculated using these factors:

  • Building Power: Upgrade buildings to increase power
  • Tech Power: Use tech research to boost your power
  • Army Power: Recruit the units and create a great army to increase power
  • Unit Power: Upgrade the units to increase power
  • Commander: Level up the commander in order to increase your power
  • Camp Power: Promote the camp for bonus opportunities

How to get officers in Warpath Game?

Two types of officers are available in the Warpath Game: Airforce officers and Army officers. You will need to complete all chapters in order to get new Army officers into the game. The game currently has 13 chapters. You get a chapter reward for completing a chapter. Some chapter rewards include “ARMY OFICERS” For example:

  • White Wolf: Complete chapter number 5
  • Chapter 7: Angel of Light
  • Chapter 8 of The Eruptor
  • Antonina Shevchenko: chapter 9
  • Bloody Mary chapter 11
  • Fox of the Highlands chapter 13

According to the latest version (on Android/mobile), Airforce officers have yet to make their debut in the game.

How to Promote or Level Up Officers

To level up or promote officers in Warpath, you must give them EXP. You can give them EXP by sending them to battles. The EXP earned upon victory is added to the level account. In the beginning of the game, defeat raven troops to grant officers EXP. They will be able to level up and get promoted once they have enough EXP.

Officers can acquire new skills at certain levels. Antonina, for example, is an officer in Warpath. When Antonina is leveled up to 10, she gains the counterattack skill which empowers troop damage when garrisoned. They also gain more durability and firepower with each level.

Alternately, you can also use strategy items to level up officers instead of fighting. button, and use strategy items. These Warpath game codes will give you some strategy items for free.

Warpath Game Guide to Officer’s Skills

It is important to be familiar with the skills of the officers in Warpath. Otherwise, you will not be able use them tactically.

Two types of skills are required for Warpath officers: passive and tactical skills. Tactical skills refer to the active skills officers use in battle when their fury reaches a certain point. Passive skills are activated after they are unlocked.

You can unlock passive skills by leveling up officers.

For skill enhancement, use the officer statues

Warpath Game Guide to Units

The Warpath game features many types of units: Medium Tank, Light Tank and Infantry. Each unit type has their own characteristics, so you need to be familiar with them. You can compare Medium Tank against Light Tank or Tank Hunter. It is possible to inflict damage on buildings by using Siege Units. Navigate to the unit menu, and tap the tags and symbols. For more information, navigate to the unit menu and tap on the tags.

  • Arms EXP is required to level up your units. You can get it by completing missions and battles. You can also try these gift codes.
  • New units can be obtained by completing chapters or opening chests (it costs coupons to open chests).
  • There are three types of units in Warpath: 3-star units; 4-star units; and 5-star units. The stats are better if the grade is higher.
  • You can modify and enhance the strength of the units by using the components. You can upgrade your units by using the ammunition
  • To strengthen even further, you can equip parts to units.

Guide to Early Game Progression for Beginners

We recommend that beginners focus on the main missions and chapter quests. Do the daily missions. These missions/questions are very easy and provide great rewards in the beginning game. As a reward for completing chapters, you can get new officers and units. Resources are available from the main missions/daily mission.

Tap the “SEARCH” button in the upper-left corner -> defeat ravens and grant officer EXP. Or ear resources. Send the army to harvest resources from farm, mine steel, or harvest crude oil.

You can join an alliance and make daily contributions. Avoid dead alliances that have no active players. Join Discord to request an alliance seat. You can find the link to Discord in the game settings/settings -> community.

To unlock new functions or buffs, you can start tech research. Continue to upgrade the buildings.

Take part in the campaign battles.

Spend gold wisely in Warpath Game

For permanent benefits, we recommend investing in gold to upgrade the VIP level. Tap the commander avatar at the upper-left corner. Click VIP. Then tap the + button to use gold. This will give you VIP points and elevate your VIP level.

Warpath Game Cheats or Cheat Codes

There are no Warpath cheat codes or cheat codes, but you can redeem gift codes for free stuff. Warpath gift codes can be viewed here.

This concludes our post on Warpath: tips and tricks for beginners. This guide is still in development.

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