How to Choose Between a Single Drawer Dresser and a Four Drawer Dresser

How to Choose Between a Single Drawer Dresser and a Four Drawer Dresser

In our modern world, there is no doubt about it – baby dressers are a must in any nursery. This is why you will need a wide assortment of different dressers for your little princess. A baby dresser is the perfect storage solution for all of those things that tend to get lost in a baby’s room. You will need an organized drawer system, so that you can easily find the clothing that your baby needs for the day. Here are some types of dressers that are available:

Baby Dressers With Anti-Trip Locks

This style of drawer is very convenient. They feature 4-tier storage that you can twist open to reveal the clothing that is stored inside. You can also flip the drawer to lock up the contents inside. Some models of these baby dressers have a mirror on the front. This helps you see what you are putting in the drawer. These are usually made of plastic and metal.

Baby Dressers With Anti-tip closures

Many parents prefer this style of baby dressers because they do not cause any friction when opening and closing the drawers. The anti-tip closure system helps you close the drawer completely while the child is changing. The drawers on these styles of baby dressers are usually made from plastic, wood, or metal.

Wooden Nursery Dressers

You can choose from many different styles of wooden nursery dressers. These are often chosen over other styles of dressers because they are more aesthetically pleasing than most of the other types. They usually have beautifully crafted details on the outside. You will also notice how perfectly they fit into a nursery. When choosing this type of drawer, you may want to look at some models that have a mirrored finish. This gives the drawer an even more wonderful look.

Rustic Yet Modern Look

There is another style of drawer that is becoming quite popular among parents. It has the wonderful features of both rustic and modern, yet manages to keep the overall look of a nursery very modern. These types of baby dressers are made of wood, vinyl, or metal. The drawer pulls are typically metal, while the drawer rails may be made from wood, vinyl, or metal.

Most of the six drawer baby dressers are smaller than your average dresser. You may find that they are perfect for placing items on such as a baby blanket or quilt. Because it is so small, it is likely that you can keep small toys in them as well. This makes them great for places such as a baby changing table or baby chair. The six drawer ones are also one of the best baby dressers to use for a guest room because it helps you keep the space neat and tidy.

Mini Dresser

Another version is a small drawer that is designed to hold less than a dresser. These come in just about every type of drawer style, which makes them some of the most versatile dressers you can buy. Some of them are built with a pull out drawer system. Other versions will require a screw in a system that does not offer as much storage space as the ones that require a pull out drawer.

If you need more storage than what you get with just a single drawer dresser, you may consider getting a set of four drawer dressers. These styles are often found in baby homes that have a high number of guests. You can find all of the same features that you would find in the single drawer style, but you do not have to sacrifice the amount of storage space that you get. Some of these sets of dressers come with an anti-tip mechanism, which prevents you from having to turn the drawer upside down to remove clothing. An anti-tip drawer is also helpful if you are on the lookout for a baby specific set of drawers, as many of the drawer units will be labeled for use with children.

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