Logistics For A Successful Cold Chain

As goods such as vaccines, serums and test drugs need to be stored at a constant temperature in pharmaceutical warehousing, cold chain logistics and distribution is one of the most important and complex issues in the biopharmaceutical industry.

This is a challenge for biopharmaceutical supply chain actors worldwide, but can be particularly challenging for those doing business between Europe and Russia, where there are several aspects to consider and potential obstacles to overcome.

Clearance of Customs

In Russia, customs clearance processes can be difficult and time-consuming, especially for uncommon or potentially sensitive products like prescription medications.

The clearing procedure includes numerous steps, including the verification of licenses, permits, and other relevant papers, as well as the imposition of customs taxes and tariffs or confirmation of exemptions. Officials also have the authority to undertake physical inspections to verify any highlighted hazards.

Discrepancies between documentation and the things being transported, inaccurate documents, and specific control categories are all potential reasons of delays that pharmaceutical businesses should be aware of.

The shipment of pharmaceuticals is subject to specific laws. Unregistered pharmaceuticals require approval from the Ministry of Health, whereas registered goods must be accompanied by a registration certificate.

Distribution Best Practices

Good distribution practice is another possible risk for organizations moving temperature-controlled drugs between Europe and Russia (GDP). This area of regulation stems from good manufacturing practice and tries to guarantee that the same level of quality assurance provided during the manufacturing phase is maintained throughout the distribution network.

Storage conditions must be followed at all times, even during transit, and contamination from other goods must be avoided, according to GDP regulations.

Companies must also ensure that pharmaceutical supplies are turned over quickly and that their shipments are stored safely and securely.

In addition, a tracing mechanism should be put in place to ensure that any defective items can be monitored and recalled.

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Courier Picking

According to World Pharmaceutical Frontiers, one of the most important factors of performing efficient cold chain pharmaceutical shipping in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States is selecting an experienced and qualified courier (CIS).

One of the first questions a firm sending a package should ask is if the delivery company has previous experience transporting sensitive commodities to appropriate places in the region.

Can the courier ensure that the things are delivered on time? Is it aware of how critical it is to minimize temperature fluctuations? Will the shipment be delivered to the correct destination in a timely and responsible manner? Before choosing a delivery firm, all of these questions must be answered satisfactorily.


A main worry is ensuring that temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical items get to their intended destination safely, but it’s also crucial to consider how they’ll be stored at the opposite end of the chain.


Preliminary quality assurance assessments may assist ensure that warehouses and other storage facilities have the necessary amenities and operating procedures in place to safeguard sensitive pharmaceuticals and therapeutic supplies.


Indicators of Key Performance

According to World Pharmaceutical Frontiers, the most critical stage in attaining success in temperature controlled delivery is to examine key performance indicators (KPIs) for local warehousing and logistics providers.

Companies can request KPIs for a two-year period to learn more about the chances of a local firm being able to manage incoming and leaving shipments on schedule and without product damage. This method can also provide insight into the critical work of temperature regulation and how well it will be carried out.

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