Taotronics Drip Coffee Maker In House Review!

In the last decade, drip coffee makers have come a long way. An expensive machine that is well-built can cost upwards of $200. These days, things have changed. This 12-cup Taotronics coffee maker proves that drip coffee makers are both affordable and capable.

This drip maker is a great choice if you’re looking for a machine under $100 that offers many features at a reasonable price. Although this model isn’t yet SCA certified, it has many features that make it worth a review. Read more – Cromwell Coffee House

Continue reading to learn more about my experience with the Taotronics Drip coffee machine and whether it is worth your consideration.

It’s all about the benefits

It’s a delicious cup of coffee! This drip brewer can be used to grind whole beans or use ground coffee.

What comes with it?

The 1000-watt machine includes a carafe with a capacity of 1.8 liters (or almost 2 quarts), an interior reservoir, hot plates with three keep warm temperatures, a basket, a scoop, and – of course – a guide.

Who it is meant for

This machine is for those who want a cheap drip brewer that makes enough coffee for their whole family every morning.

It’s Not for Everyone

Taotronics’ drip brewer is not for people who only want to make 1-4 cups of strong coffee. This function is not as efficient at producing a strong brew, as I will explain.

Taotronics Drip Coffee Maker

The drip coffee machine can make 12 cups at a time. The 1-4 cup option will make the coffee stronger. It can be programmed up to 24 hours ahead.


  • Temperature control with Strix
  • Multifunction
  • Large capacity
  • Affordable
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Temperature control is not possible
  • It is difficult to fill lines

Test Drive

Let me be real: The Taotronics model is not without its faults. It is easy to use and doesn’t make too much noise. This coffeemaker is not able to brew 1-4 cups, which makes it difficult to get some serious high marks.

First Impressions

This coffee maker is square. It can be placed between other countertop appliances. The design makes it difficult for water to be poured in. Because of the design of the lid, you can’t empty a carafe full of water into the tank. We recommend using large measuring cups or a pitcher instead.

The showerhead-style spout was another notable feature. This allows for more even water extraction by evenly spreading the water over the ground.

It’s easy to use

This drip brewer is easy to use. The brewing times can take up to nine minutes for a full cup. Although this machine was not designed to meet SCA standards for brewing, the brewing temperatures are certainly adequate. The front panel is easy to use and makes it clear which button does what function.

Re-Usable metal filter

The coffee maker includes a reusable, metal filter. The theory is that no paper filter is required. But, I found that a pot made without a filter produced a cloudy and gritty result. It is also difficult to remove the grinds from the filter. A paper filter is recommended.

Strength Options

The drip coffee maker works well when it is brewed at maximum capacity. However, you won’t notice any increase in strength if you use the 1-4 cup setting. It doesn’t make a difference. This setting is not recommended. Even if you aim for 20 fluid ounces, this will result in a brewing process that takes around 7 minutes. The temperature at the end of the brewing cycle is about to 86° Celsius.

Small Batch Feature

The small-batch option is a selling point for this brewer. I tried brewing a 12-ounce cup with and without the 1-4-cup option. Both trials produced weak coffee with very little aroma. It took three minutes to brew the regular setting, and four minutes to use the 1-4 cup feature. You might consider a different type of drip coffee maker if you want to be able to brew small or large batches with the same flavor and aroma.

It runs quietly

You won’t hear anything while the brew is running. Except for the machine’s beep when it turns off, the only sounds you will hear are the water heating and the usual transport sound. There is no risk that you will wake up the rest in the house.


Features & Benefits

You can make 12 cups at once

The 12-cup setting is hotter than the 1-4 cups and takes less time. I recommend it. You can rest assured that everyone in your home will enjoy the coffee and not be hungry for more.


There are some drawbacks to the price. You get a lot of features that aren’t available on all drip brewers in this price range.

Programmable Brewing Available 24 Hours a Day

It’s important to me that I have a 24-hour programable brew setting. You can set the brew time and strength before going to bed. Your coffee is ready for you when you get up.

An Anti-drip system

Do you want to pour before the brew is complete? The drip will stop automatically when you take the carafe off the hot plate. The drip will resume when you place the carafe on the hot plate. Handy, right?

In practice, however, several drops of coffee were released onto the hot plate by the brewer when the carafe had been pulled out.

Smart Touch Control

The Taotronics Drip Coffee Maker’s smart touch control panel is what I love the most. It is simple and intuitive. The LCD screen displays the clock and brew settings.

Keep Warm Function

The Keep Warm function maintains the hotplate at 70degC or 78degC for up to four hours. You can set the temperature you prefer.

Things to consider before buying a drip coffee maker

Do you need to caffeine your entire family in the morning? Are you tired of using non-eco-friendly, expensive K-Cups every morning? Perhaps drip coffee is for you.

Who should buy this?

Drip coffee makers work best in busy households with many drinkers. These are more environmentally friendly than Keurig pods, and they are perfect for people who are looking for a simple but effective way to brew good quality coffee at the right temperature and strength.

Take into account the Brewing Time

Drip brewers take longer than Keurigs. A pot will take between 7-12 minutes. The Taotronics’ 24-hour programming function cuts down on the time it takes to make a pot.

The Cup Amount

A drip coffee maker is a better choice if you and your family drink more than four cups of coffee in the morning. This model comes with a large glass carafe that can hold up to 12 cups.

The Price Point

You can spend hundreds on fancy drip brewers. This model is more affordable and still delivers great coffee.


Although the Taotronics Drip Coffee Maker is not SCA certified, it offers a lot of value. You get useful features such as automatic drip pause and 24-hour programming for a very affordable price.

This hot plate will satisfy all your morning caffeine needs. Because the hot plate has three temperature settings, coffee can be kept warm for up to 4 hours. This ensures everyone can have a hot cup of coffee on time. You can also program your brew up to 24 hours ahead of time, which saves you time in the morning. It has the best interface I have ever seen on a drip machine.

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