About Us

I’ve got my own, personal corner of the internet even before the days from the website, back again when I logged onto all-textual content Compuserve with my DEC Rainbow or Tandy 100. However I never needed a blog. Of course, I created some enduring buddies through my Compuserve community forum, Andy Ihnatko for instance, but eventually the work of reading and addressing numerous messages grew to be too time-eating. but, honestly and website a lot of the blog comments I read through on the internet were not kinds I used to be enthusiastic too receive, even though i knew I wouldn’t must communicate at this kind of level with a blog.

Now I understand I was incorrect. I started this blog in May possibly, and features enriched my well being. We have been surprised from the high quality of the comments acquired. I have also been fixed, amused, moved and knowledgeable urged. I personally read all of the feedback which can be submitted, and after four months We have received not one obscene message, not one illiterate message, not one aggressive concept. Those few remarks I have not posted had been not dumb or offensive, but simply things such as well-desires i didn’t think most viewers would be interested in.

Your feedback have provided me with the finest notion of my viewers that I have ever had, and you are the readers We have wanted. I used to be creating to you personally before I used to be positive that you were there. You are interested, innovative and reasonable and quite often the creators of eloquent prose. You take time to craft feedback of hundreds of terms. Often you are specialists, and nice enough to talk about your knowledge.